Your Council

Our Mission Statement

Brasted Parish Council aims to enhance the quality of life and promote pride in the community and the local environment by:

  • Supporting all sections of the Community

  • Conducting council business in an open manner and providing a democratic representational voice for the Parish and giving residents the opportunity to influence their future

  • Maintaining, enhancing and promoting the use of Open Spaces, footpaths and playgrounds to develop health and social wellbeing and maintaining and developing the leisure and recreational facilities of the Parish to meet the needs of residents

  • Continuing to develop good relationships and partnerships with local authorities, public bodies, the private and voluntary sectors and local businesses

  • Protecting and enhancing the environment in which the residents of the Parish live and work

  • Delivering best value and quality service through preparation of careful budgets, cost controls and appropriate use of asset, seeking external funding wherever possible in the interest of the community

  • Reviewing and commenting on planning applications