Covers Farm Planning Application - New Comments

Published: 12 February 2021

Additional Comments requested re Covers Farm Planning Application


To comment and view the application go to with the planning application number KCC/SE/0495/2018 or type in Covers Quarry in ‘Keyword Search’ or ‘Search by Address’.

The consultation closes on 26 February 2021.

Individual comments are always more powerful than joint ones.

The Parish Council will be making its own comments and opposing the application.


The Parish Council wishes to alert you to a new addition to the existing planning application made to Kent County Council for the restoration of Covers Farm, which is situated to the west of Westerham.

The addition relates to the ‘Environmental Survey Addendum’ document with a ‘created date’ of 13/01/2021 in the ‘Application Documents’ section of the planning application.

This has been requested by KCC as an appraisal of the reasonable alternatives for the site restoration. The conclusion is still that 800,000 cubic m of imported material is the best option (Option 5 in the Addendum).

This would be brought in by road over a period of some 6 years, involving some 200 HGV movements in an 11 hour day, 6 days a week. A minimum of two-thirds of these movements are proposed to travel from the east along the A25 through Brasted and Sundridge, with the remaining third travelling from the north along the A233 through Biggin Hill. This equates to 438,000 HGVs of which 290,000 will pass through Brasted. It is likely that the number of movements will increase rather than decrease or remain the same.

The impact on the village of Brasted is significant and we want villagers to have the chance to comment on the addition to this application.