Free Safety for Children Courses

Published: 25 November 2021

Free Cobra Safety for Children courses

Sevenoaks District Council are working in partnership with Cobra Defence London to deliver 2 FREE C.A.P Workshop in Sevenoaks & Online

The Child Abduction Prevention (C.A.P) workshop doesn't just teach children about ‘stranger awareness’, it teaches them the differences between good adults and bad adults, how to spot them, how to stop them, and the confidence needed to stand up for themselves. It teaches them verbal skills and simple self-defence techniques that are effective against an adult. In just a few hours, you will see their confidence soar as they are put through realistic scenarios and come out victorious.

The program is always exciting and fun for both children and parents! It will teach them new and important concepts in an engaging and age appropriate manner. The workshop is for all children aged 5-11 years. Parent participation is a MUST! There are limited spaces so booking is a must.

The sessions are on :- Thursday 2 December 4.30pm—6.30/7pm at Bat and Ball Station Function Room, Sevenoaks, TN14 5AP (40 spaces available - 20 x children plus one parent)

Sunday 12 December 1-2.30pm via Zoom

Book for both sessions via Facebook: